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Journal of Plant Protection Research




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No 3

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Journal of Plant Protection Research is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes original papers, rapid communications, reviews, covering all areas of plant protection. Subjects include phytopathological virology, bacteriology, mycology and applied nematology and entomology as well as topics on protecting crop plants and stocks of crop products against diseases, viruses, weeds etc.

The Journal is published by Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute and Committee on Agronomic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. By 1997 under the title Prace Naukowe Instytutu Ochrony Roślin and Annals of Agricultural Sciences - Series E - Plant Protection).

Journal scope

JPPR publishes original research papers, rapid communications, critical reviews, and book reviews covering all areas of modern plant protection. Subjects include phytopathological virology, bacteriology, mycology and applied nematology and entomology as well as topics on protecting crop plants and stocks of crop products against diseases, viruses, weeds etc. We publish papers which use an interdisciplinary approach showing how different control strategies can be integrated into pest management programmes, which cover high and low input agricultural systems worldwide, within the framework of ecologically sound and economically responsible land cultivation.

Relevant topics include: advanced methods of diagnostic, and computer-assisted diagnostic plant research and new findings, biological methods of plant protection, selective chemical methods of plant protection, the effects of plant-protecting agents and their toxicology, methods to induce and utilize crop resistance, application techniques, and economic aspects of plant protection.

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It is also ranked in SCImago Journal & Country Rank in three categories: Agronomy and Crop Science – Q2, Plant Science – Q2, and Soil Science – Q2 (June 2017).


Committee of Plant Protection PAS ; Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute




eISSN 1899–007X ; ISSN 1427–4345


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