Positioning and applications

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Geodesy and Cartography




vol. 64


No 2

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precise positioning ; troposphere ; ionosphere ; GPS ; Galileo ; GNSS

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Nauki Techniczne


The paper presents national report of Poland for IAG on positioning and applications. The selected research presented was carried out at leading Polish research institutions and concern precise multi-GNSS satellite positioning – relative and absolute – and also GNSS-based ionosphere and troposphere modelling and studies. The research resulted in noticeable advancements in these subjects confirmed by the development of new algorithms and methods. New and improved methods of precise GNSS positioning were developed, and also GNSS metrology was studied. New advanced troposphere models were presented and tested. In particular, these models allowed testing IPW variability on regional and global scales. Also, new regional ionosphere monitoring web-based services were developed and launched.


Commitee on Geodesy PAS


2015[2015.01.01 AD - 2015.12.31 AD]


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ISSN 2080-7636


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