Bedload transport in two creeks at the ice-free area of the Baranowski Glacier, King George Island, West Antarctica

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Polish Polar Research




vol. 38


No 1

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Antarctica ; ecohydraulics ; proglacial hydrology ; sediment transport ; South Shetlands

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This paper presents a unique case study and methodology for measurements of the bedload transport in the two, newly created troughs at the forefield of the Baranowski Glacier: Fosa and Siodło creeks. The weather conditions and the granulometric analysis are presented and discussed briefly. Rating curves for the Fosa and Siodło creeks are presented for the first time for this region. Changes of the bedload transport as well as water discharge and water velocity at both creeks are investigated. The hysteresis for the relationships between rate of bedload transport and water discharges were identified showing that for both creeks for the higher water levels a figure of eight loop may be easily recognized. Moreover, a new method for the calculation of bedload transport rate, based on the weighted arithmetic mean instead of the arithmetic mean, is proposed.


Committee on Polar Research ; Polish Academy of Sciences




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ISSN 0138-0338 ; eISSN 2081-8262


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