Analysis of thermal stratified storage tank

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Archives of Electrical Engineering




No 3 September

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temperature stratification ; thermal energy ; heat recovery ; convection

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The basic aim of the task is to compile a temperature stratification system in an accumulation tank. The range of the thesis concerns the shape and dimensions of a stratification system for an accumulation tank. Thermal stratification is a process that comprises the maintaining of temperature stratification at different levels of an accumulation tank which reduce to a minimum the process of temperature equalization. It results from the fact that the thermal stratification in a tank significantly increases the installation efficiency and improves the process of energy storing. It is connected with a thermodynamic element quality, that is the higher the temperature, the higher the energy, and, thus, the thermosdynamic element quality. In this phenomenon, thanks to the same amount of accumulated thermal energy and average temperature, as in a fully mixed tank, the user has a higher temperature in the upper part of the tank at his disposal. It has significant importance in the case when there is a low-temperature heating medium that transfers heat to the accumulation tank. Such a situation occurs when heat is absorbed from synthetic freons used in cooling and air-conditioning systems.


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