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Heat generation by eddy currents in a shell of superconducting bus-bars for SIS100 particle accelerator at FAIR

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Archives of Electrical Engineering




No 4 December

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superconductors ; eddy currents ; electromagnetic heat generation ; particle accelerators

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Abstract: Superconducting magnets in the SIS100 particle accelerator require the supply of liquid helium and electric current. Both are transported with by-pass lines designed at Wrocław University of Technology. Bus-bars used to transfer an electric current between the sections of the accelerator will be encased in a steel shell. Eddy currents are expected to appear in the shell during fast-ramp operation of magnets. Heat generation, which should be limited in any cryogenic system, will appear in the shell. In this work the amount of heat generated is assessed depending on the geometry of an assembly of the bus-bars and the shell. Numerical and analytical calculations are described. It was found that heat generation in the shell is relatively small when compared to other sources present in the accelerator and its value strongly depends on the geometry of the shell. The distribution of eddy currents and generated heat for different geometrical options are presented. Based on the results of the calculations the optimal design is proposed.


Polish Academy of Sciences




eISSN: 2300-2506 ; ISSN: 1427-4221