Eulalia picta Kinberg, 1866 – tube builder or specialized predator?

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Polish Polar Research




vol. 38


No 4

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Admiralty Bay ; Antarctic ; Eteoninae ; Phyllodocidae ; sediments ; Tubes

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Twenty six specimens of the polychaete Eulalia picta were found in finegrained sand tubes. Material was collected in the Antarctic fjord, Admiralty Bay at the depth of about 100 m. The comparison of tube sediment with the sediment composition at the collection site demonstrated that tubes were created with a high degree of particle selection. Our findings might suggest presence of the tube-building behavior in E. picta or show that this species is a highly specialized predator crawling into the tubes of other sessile polychaetes and uses their tubes as protective cases.


Polish Academy of Sciences ; Committee on Polar Research




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ISSN 0138-0338 ; eISSN 2081-8262


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