W poszukiwaniu klucza do zrozumienia historii XX stulecia. Teoria historii i metodologia stosowana Timothy Snydera

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Historyka Studia Metodologiczne




tom 47

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Timothy Snyder ; historia XX wieku ; stosowana metodologia historii ; paradygmat historii transnarodowej ; społeczna i polityczna odpowiedzialność historyka

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The paper considers Timothy Snyder’s applied methodology of history. Snyder’s original field of interest as a professional historian was historical biography, but it did not take him long to put transnational history at the centre of his attention. The author posits that Snyder’s practice in this historiographic paradigm has laid the foundation for his greatest academic achievements, leading to him being recognized as one of the best historians working today.


Polska Akademia Nauk Oddział PAN w Krakowie ; Instytut Historii Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego


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