Research and Modeling of Mechanical Crosstalk in Linear Arrays of Ultrasonic Transducers

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Archives of Acoustics




vol. 41


No 3

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Archives of Acoustics is an English-language peer-reviewed quarterly journal publishing original research papers from all areas of acoustics and abstracts from some specialised acoustical conferences. It gives free internet access to its full content (abstracts of research papers) to current issues.

Archives of Acoustics, the peer-reviewed quarterly journal publishes original research papers from all areas of acoustics like:

  • acoustical measurements and instrumentation,
  • acoustics of musics,
  • acousto-optics,
  • architectural, building and environmental acoustics,
  • bioacoustics,
  • electroacoustics,
  • linear and nonlinear acoustics,
  • noise and vibration,
  • physical and chemical effects of sound,
  • physiological acoustics,
  • psychoacoustics,
  • quantum acoustics,
  • speech processing and communication systems,
  • speech production and perception,
  • transducers,
  • ultrasonics,
  • underwater acoustics.

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Committee on Acoustics PAS, PAS Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Acoustical Society




ISSN 0137-5075 ; eISSN 2300-262X


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