Dual hesitant pythagorean fuzzy Hamacher aggregation operators in multiple attribute decision making

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Archives of Control Sciences




No 3

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<jats:title>Abstract</jats:title> <jats:p> In this paper, we investigate the multiple attribute decision making (MADM) problem based on the Hamacher aggregation operators with dual Pythagorean hesitant fuzzy information. Then, motivated by the ideal of Hamacher operation, we have developed some Hamacher aggregation operators for aggregating dual hesitant Pythagorean fuzzy information. The prominent characteristic of these proposed operators are studied. Then, we have utilized these operators to develop some approaches to solve the dual hesitant Pythagorean fuzzy multiple attribute decision making problems. Finally, a practical example for supplier selection in supply chain management is given to verify the developed approach and to demonstrate its practicality and effectiveness.</jats:p>


Committee of Automatic Control and Robotics PAS




ISSN 1230-2384


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