Tools and Methods for RTCP-Nets Modeling and Verification

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Archives of Control Sciences




No 3

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<jats:title>Abstract</jats:title> <jats:p>RTCP-nets are high level Petri nets similar to timed colored Petri nets, but with different time model and some structural restrictions. The paper deals with practical aspects of using RTCP-nets for modeling and verification of real-time systems. It contains a survey of software tools developed to support RTCP-nets. Verification of RTCP-nets is based on coverability graphs which represent the set of reachable states in the form of directed graph. Two approaches to verification of RTCP-nets are considered in the paper. The former one is oriented towards states and is based on translation of a coverability graph into nuXmv (NuSMV) finite state model. The later approach is oriented towards transitions and uses the CADP toolkit to check whether requirements given as <jats:italic>μ</jats:italic>-calculus formulae hold for a given coverability graph. All presented concepts are discussed using illustrative examples</jats:p>


Committee of Automatic Control and Robotics PAS




ISSN 1230-2384


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