Research on the influence of driving harmonic on electromagnetic field and temperature field of permanent magnet synchronous motor

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Archives of Electrical Engineering




No 2 June

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Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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<jats:title>Abstract</jats:title><jats:p>At present, the drivers with different control methods are used in most of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). A current outputted by a driver contains a large number of harmonics that will cause the PMSM torque ripple, winding heating and rotor temperature rise too large and so on. In this paper, in order to determine the influence of the current harmonics on the motor performance, different harmonic currents were injected into the motor armature. Firstly, in order to study the influence of the current harmonic on the motor magnetic field, a novel decoupling method of the motor magnetic field was proposed. On this basis, the difference of harmonic content in an air gap magnetic field was studied, and the influence of a harmonic current on the air gap flux density was obtained. Secondly, by comparing the fluctuation of the motor torque in the fundamental and different harmonic currents, the influence of harmonic on a motor torque ripple was determined. Then, the influence of different current harmonics on the eddy current loss of the motor was compared and analyzed, and the influence of the drive harmonic on the eddy current loss was obtained. Finally, by using a finite element method (FEM), the motor temperature distribution with different harmonics was obtained.</jats:p>


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