New Computer Simulation Procedure of Heading Face Mining Process with Transverse Cutting Heads for Roadheader Automation

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Archives of Mining Sciences




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<jats:title>Abstract</jats:title><jats:p>The key working process carried out by roadheaders is rock mining. For this reason, the mathematical modelling of the mining process is underlying the prediction of a dynamic load on the main components of a roadheader, the prediction of power demand for rock cutting with given properties or the prediction of energy consumption of this process. The theoretical and experimental investigations conducted point out – especially in relation to the technical parameters of roadheaders used these days in underground mining and their operating conditions – that the mathematical models of the process employed to date have many limitations, and in many cases the results obtained using such models deviate largely from the reality. This is due to the fact that certain factors strongly influencing cutting process progress have not been considered at the modelling stage, or have been approached in an oversimplified fashion.</jats:p><jats:p>The article presents a new model of a rock cutting process using conical picks of cutting heads of boom-type roadheaders. An important novelty with respect to the models applied to date is, firstly, that the actual shape of cuts has been modelled with such shape resulting from the geometry of the currently used conical picks, and, secondly, variations in the depth of cuts in the cutting path of individual picks have been considered with such variations resulting from the picks’ kinematics during the advancement of transverse cutting heads parallel to the floor surface. The work presents examples of simulation results for mining with a roadheader’s transverse head equipped with 80 conical picks and compares them with the outcomes obtained using the existing model.</jats:p>


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ISSN 0860-7001