Methods of improvement chalcedonite processing effectiveness with the use of density separation

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Gospodarka Surowcami Mineralnymi - Mineral Resources Management




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<jats:title>Abstract</jats:title><jats:p>The article regards the issues related to chalcedonite processing by means of particle size classification as well as densimetric separation. Chalcedonite is an unique rock and material with wide industrial applications in various industries. The investigative program included laboratory tests of chalcedonite classification in the classifier and the jig, as well as separation of the material in the dense liquid. The obtained results indicate that the products of particle size classification of chalcedonite in the classifier are characterized by a different chemical and mineralogical composition. The 0-0.3 mm particle size fraction contains over 96% of quartz, while the fine size fraction below 0.063 mm contain about 80% of quartz and 20% of clayish minerals. In the next stage of the investigative program, the densimetric separation of chalcedonite material in the jig and in dense liquid, was carried out. The results of the density classification in the jig indicate the different absorbability of the obtained chalcedonite density fractions. Fractions with a higher density were characterized by lower water absorption. The results of separation in the dense media liquid also showed that the obtained aggregate products are of significant differences in absorbability as well as high variability of the strength parameters. The results of the investigations show that the obtained products of the classification can be more efficiently utilized in industry, due to their diverse chemical and physical characteristics.</jats:p>


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