The development of the market of qualified coal fuels in Poland

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Gospodarka Surowcami Mineralnymi - Mineral Resources Management




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<jats:title>Abstract</jats:title><jats:p>The aim of this article is to discuss the changes that have been observed on the market of qualified coal fuels (the so-called eco-pea coal) over the last few years. These changes are related to the markets of both the producers and the products they offer. Qualified coal fuels are produced from selected lots of high-calorific coal. They are characterized by strictly defined repeatable physico-chemical parameters (low sulphur content, ash content, and agglomerating capacity) and they are dedicated for use in modern, low-emission retort boilers. On the basis of multiannual observations, five groups of producers of qualified coal fuels have been identified, broken down by the origin of utilized coal. Initially, the production of eco-pea coal in Poland was limited to domestic coal mining companies only. However, in response to the growing demand for these fuels, smaller businesses (mostly dedicated to trading coal from major coal mining companies) have also engaged in production of these fuels. A part of them started producing eco-pea coal under licenses from large coal mining companies, and some of them created their own blends as well. In the years 2007-2015, the whole hard coal mining industry’s eco-coal production was in the range of 0.4-1.1 million t/year. In terms of calorific value, almost all of the producer groups mainly offer eco-pea coal with values in the range of 24-26 MJ/kg. The ash content of the offered eco-pea coal is usually 5-10% Ai r, and sulphur content-in the range of 0.4-1.0%. The prices of eco-pea coal at fuel depots vary by region and are close to the price offers of coarse grain sizes. Compared to sales prices (ex-mine) of coarse grain sizes intended for the market of other domestic customers, they are usually higher by a dozen or so PLN/GJ. The growing number of eco-pea coal producers contributes to the increase in these fuels’ price range. The difference between maximum and minimum price offer is a dozen or so PLN/GJ. In the years 2009-2016, the prices of eco-pea coal produced on the basis of domestic coal were changing within a range of 12-33 PLN/GJ, and for the product based on imported raw material-between 12 and 31 PLN/GJ.</jats:p>


Komitet Zrównoważonej Gospodarki Surowcami Mineralnymi PAN ; Instytut Gospodarki Surowcami Mineralnymi i Energią PAN




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