Mixture model of NMR - its application to diagnosis and treatment of brain cancer

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Archives of Control Sciences welcomes for consideration papers on topics of significance in broadly understood control science and related areas, including: basic control theory, optimal control, optimization methods, control of complex systems, mathematical modeling of dynamic and control systems, expert and decision support systems and diverse methods of knowledge modelling and representing uncertainty (by stochastic, set-valued, fuzzy or rough set methods, etc.), robotics and flexible manufacturing systems. Related areas that are covered include information technology, parallel and distributed computations, neural networks and mathematical biomedicine, mathematical economics, applied game theory, financial engineering, business informatics and other similar fields.

Aims and Scope: Archives of Control Sciences publishes papers in the broadly understood field of control science and related areas while promoting the closer integration of the Polish, as well as other Central and East European scientific communities with the international world of science.


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