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Cząstki węglowe w popiołach lotnych ze spalania węgla z polskich złóż

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Gospodarka Surowcami Mineralnymi - Mineral Resources Management




vol. 31


No 3

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Wydział PAN

Nauki Techniczne


Gospodarka Surowcami Mineralnymi – Mineral Resources Management is a journal of the MEERI PAS and the Committee for Sustainable Mineral Resources Management of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The journal has been published continuously since 1985. It is one of the leading journals in the Polish market, publishing original scientific papers by Polish and foreign authors in the field broadly understood as the management of mineral resources. Articles are published in English. All articles are reviewed by at least two independent reviewers (the Editorial Board selects articles according to the “double-blind review” principle).


Komitet Zrównoważonej Gospodarki Surowcami Mineralnymi PAN ; Instytut Gospodarki Surowcami Mineralnymi i Energią PAN


2015[2015.01.01 AD - 2015.12.31 AD]


ISSN 0860-0953


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