Erosion processes initialized by use of heavy equipment in mountain forests of the Wilczy Potok catchment, Silesian Beskids

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Archives of Environmental Protection




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Archives of Environmental Protection is the oldest Polish scientific journal of international scope that publishes articles on engineering and environmental protection. The quarterly has been published by the Institute of Environmental Engineering, Polish Academy of Sciences since 1975. The journal has served as a forum for the exchange of views and ideas among scientists. It has become part of scientific life in Poland and abroad. The quarterly publishes the results of research and scientific inquiries by best specialists hereby becoming an important pillar of science. The journal facilitates better understanding of environmental risks to humans and ecosystems and it also shows the methods for their analysis as well as trends in the search of effective solutions to minimize these risks. The journal is indexed by Thomson Reuters services (Biological Abstract, BIOSIS Previews) and has an Impact Factor 2017 of 1.120


Polish Academy of Sciences




ISSN 2083-4772 ; eISSN 2083-4810


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