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The Ti15Mo alloy has been studied towards long-term corrosion performance in saline solution at 37°C using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The physical and chemical characterization of the material were also investigated. The as-received Ti15Mo alloy exhibits a single β-phase structure. The thickness of single-layer structured oxide presented on its surface is ~4 nm. Impedance measurements revealed that the Ti15Mo alloy is characterized by spontaneous passivation in the solution containing chloride ions and formation of a double-layer structured oxide composed of a dense interlayer being the barrier layer against corrosion and porous outer layer. The thickness of this oxide layer, estimated based on the impedance data increases up to ~6 nm during 78 days of exposure. The observed fall in value of the log|Z|f = 0.01 Hz indicates a decrease in pitting corrosion resistance of Ti15Mo alloy in saline solution along with the immersion time. The detailed EIS study on the kinetics and mechanism of corrosion process and the capacitive behavior of the Ti15Mo electrode | passive layer | saline solution system was based on the concept of equivalent electrical circuit with respect to the physical meaning of the applied circuit elements. Potentiodynamic studies up to 9 V vs. SCE and SEM analysis show no presence of pitting corrosion what indicates that the Ti15Mo alloy is promising biomaterial to long-term medical applications.
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