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Both works are model studies of numismatic material recovered in Barbaricum mostly recorded within ploughsoil. The authors points to the new possibilities of interpretation and research potential afforded by this often undervalued material, even regarded as useless by some. A monograph by H. Horsnæs may be recognised as a model, mainly because of her analysis of metal detector finds which takes into account their archaeological context sensu largo. It may also be viewed as a vital starting point for the discussion about representativeness, in particular the potential for making comparisons with finds from the areas where there is almost no record of amateur detector finds or only a very limited one. The main shortcoming of M.H. Bjerg work is that it was published seven years after its manuscript was submitted. Both studies under review are worth reading, especially because of the unprecedented care taken in them over the archaeological context of the coin finds and the presentation of new methods of study and intepretation. I would recommend them especially to all those archaeologists who deny research value of the finds obtained by amateurs using metal detectors.
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