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Automatic gender detection is a process of determining the gender of a human according to the characteristic properties that represent the masculine and feminine attributes of a subject. Automatic gender detection is used in many areas such as customer behaviour analysis, robust security system construction, resource management, human-computer interaction, video games, mobile applications, neuro-marketing etc., in which manual gender detection may be not feasible. In this study, we have developed a fully automatic system that uses the 3D anthropometric measurements of human subjects for gender detection. A Kinect 3D camera was used to recognize the human posture, and body metrics are used as features for classification. To classify the gender, KNN, SVM classifiers and Neural Network were used with the parameters. A unique dataset gathered from 29 female and 31 male (a total of 60 people) participants was used in the experiment and the Leave One Out method was used as the cross-validation approach. The maximum accuracy achieved is 96.77% for SVM with an MLP kernel function.
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