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Concerns about food quality and environmental protection have led to the search for effective and safe insect control measures. This study was carried out to evaluate the efficacy of some insecticides (malathion, alpha-cypermethrin, lambda-cyhalothrin) and clove oil, alone and in combinations, to protect wheat grain against Rhyzopertha dominica. Adult mortality, progeny emergence and weight loss of treated grain were examined. The results revealed that the tested insecticides and clove oil alone showed high efficiency to R. dominica with respect to mortality, progeny of the adults and weight loss of wheat grain. The mixing of lambda-cyhalothrin and clove oil with the most effective insecticide (alphacypermethrin) enhanced its efficacy to R. dominica. It was more efficient against R. dominica than when used alone with respect to mortality and progeny of the adults. However, mixing alpha-cypermethrin with malathion reduced the efficacy of alpha-cypermethrin against R. dominica with respect to mortality and progeny of the adults. Combinations of alpha-cypermethrin and clove oil reduced wheat grain loss more than using them alone. Mixing lambda-cyhalothrin and clove oil with low concentrations of alpha-cypermethrin improved its efficacy against R. dominica and therefore may reduce environmental pollution, lower risks to human health, and delay insect resistance development.
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