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An alternative approach of the determining of conditions of safe stability loss of rectilinear motion of a wheeled vehicle model with controlled wheel module in the sense of N.N. Bautin is considered. The slipping forces are presented accurate within cubic expansion terms in the skid angles. Terms and conditions of safe stability loss depend on the ratio between the coefficients of resistance to the skid, the adhesion coefficients in the transverse direction of the axes and the parameter of torsional stiffness of the controlled wheel module. The presented approach to the analysis of real bifurcations related to the divergent loss of rectilinear motion mode stability has a clear geometric pattern: if in the vicinity of rectilinear motion at subcritical speed, there are additionally two unstable circular stationary states, then the stability limit is of dangerous nature in the sense of N.N. Bautin; if two circular stationary modes exist at supercritical speed, the limit of the stability loss in the parameter space of the longitudinal velocity is safe in the sense of N.N. Bautin. Analysis of the number of stationary modes in the vicinity of the critical velocity of rectilinear motion is performed for the obtained determining equation - cubic binomial.
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