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Keywords Joanna Mueller


This article examines the problem of motherhood in the poetry of Joanna Mueller from the perspective of feminist body studies. Throughout her poetic work Mueller keeps analyzing the formation of a new subject, a process closely connected with the creation, or giving birth, to new poems and reproduction. She dignifi es the experience of motherhood by focusing on the peculiar condition of ‘being two in one’. This is further enhanced by the emblematic arrangement of the individual poems (formed into mounds, folds, the womb, the vagina, and blood vessels) and references to the primeval Mother Goddess. The matrifocal narration exalts the maternal female body to its sovereign position, justifi ed by its power over life; indeed, the combined force of Mueller’s naturalistic description and discursive momentum not only subverts the patriarchal narrative of female passivity and inferiority but in a way sacralizes the feminine principle.
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