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The Author, being a preeminent scholar in the field of maritime law, advocates for a new Polish maritime code. His approach accentuates the need for co-ordination of efforts between Legislative Commissionfor Civil Law and Legis-lative Commissionfor Maritime Law. The notion of closeness between these two branches of law was contemplated among Polish academics by Jan Łopuski as early as in 1965. Today, the endeavors toward the new code should include widespread comparative legal studies, and, in particular, take into account the process of gradual merging between common law systems of maritime law and civil law (continental law) systems of maritime law, while US maritime legislation remaining distinct. The article reviews the 2001 Maritime Code amendments, including Title I (General Provisions) and Title II (Vessel). The Author promotes new regulation of maritime lien as a distinct ius ad rem, specific to the maritime code. He takes a stand against the Rotterdam Rules as he believes they are an unsuccessful attempt to replace the Hague-Visby Rules and their nearly one hundred year old tradition.
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