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We used cytological and embryological methods to study reproductive cycle stages in Cerasus fruticosa Pall., Cerasus × eminens (Beck) Buia and Cerasus × mohacsyana (Kárpáti) Janchen from SW Slovakia, focusing on development of the male and female reproductive organs, fertilization processes and embryo formation. We found that reproductive potential was reduced by synergistic effects of negative biotic and abiotic factors. Despite the presence of degenerated, deformed pollen grains and their great variability of shape and size, a sufficient amount of normally developed viable pollen grains developed in anthers of C. fruticosa and C. × mohacsyana. Disturbed microsporogenesis in C. × eminens led to significantly lower production of viable pollen grains. We did not observe serious disturbances during megasporogenesis and megagametogenesis. Lower fruit set was caused by degeneration of ovules as a result of unsuccessful pollination, fertilization failure, or embryo degeneration during its initial development.
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