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The population structures of Calanus finmarchicus, C.glacialis and C.hyperboreus were investigated in the recurrent polynya of the North Waters (NOW) in Baffin Bay during April –July 1998. Species were determined from samples collected by plankton nets of 300 ľm and 200 ľm mesh size. The highest concentration of all three species was found at the centre of study the area. C.hyperboreus was the most abundant species (44.54 ind.m –3).C.glacialis was recorded up to 27.14 ind.m –3, C.finmarchicus up to 5.63 ind.m –3 .C.finmarchicus was reproducing in the northern end of Baffin Bay.The life cycle for C.glacialis was estimated at 2 years,and that of C.hyperboreus to last at least 4 years.
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