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High-alloy corrosion-resistant ferritic-austenitic steels and cast steels are a group of high potential construction materials. This is evidenced by the development of new alloys both low alloys grades such as the ASTM 2101 series or high alloy like super or hyper duplex series 2507 or 2707 [1-5]. The potential of these materials is also presented by the increasing frequency of sintered components made both from duplex steel powders as well as mixtures of austenitic and ferritic steels [6, 7]. This article is a continuation of the problems presented in earlier works [5, 8, 9] and its inspiration were technological observed problems related to the production of duplex cast steel. The analyzed AISI A3 type cast steel is widely used in both wet exhaust gas desulphurisation systems in coal fired power plants as well as in aggressive working environments. Technological problems such as hot cracking presented in works [5, 8], with are effects of the rich chemical composition and phenomena occurring during crystallization, must be known to the technologists. The presented in this work phenomena which occur during the crystallization and cooling of ferritic-austenitic cast steel were investigated using numerical methods with use of the ThermoCalc and FactSage® software, as well with use of experimental thermal-derivative analysis.
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