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The presented work describes the results of examination of the mechanical properties of castings made either of AlSi9Mg alloy matrix composite reinforced with short carbon fibre or of the pure AlSi9Mg alloy. The tensile strength, the yield strength, Young’s modulus, and the unit elongation were examined both for initial castings and for castings made of the remelted composite or AlSi9Mg alloy. After preparing metallographic specimens, the structure of the remelted materials was assessed. A few non-metallic inclusions were observed in the structure of the remelted composite, not occurring in the initial castings. Mechanical testing revealed that all the examined properties of the initial composite material exceed those of the non-reinforced matrix. A decrease in mechanical properties was stated both for the metal matrix and for the composite after the remelting process, but this decrease was so slight that it either does not preclude them from further use or does not restrict the range of their application.
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