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The objective of studies presented in this publication was structuring of research knowledge about the ADI functional properties and changes in these properties due to material treatment. The results obtained were an outcome of research on the selection of a format of knowledge representation that would be useful in further work aiming at the design, application and implementation of an effective system supporting the decisions of a technologist concerning the choice of a suitable material (ADI in this case) and appropriate treatment process (if necessary). ALSV(FD) logic allows easy modelling of knowledge, which should let addressees of the target system carry out knowledge modelling by themselves. The expressiveness of ALSV (FD) logic allows recording the values of attributes from the scope of the modelled domain regarding ADI, which is undoubtedly an advantage in the context of further use of the logic. Yet, although the logic by itself does not allow creating the rules of knowledge, it may form a basis for the XTT format that is rule-based notation. The difficulty in the use of XTT format for knowledge modelling is acceptable, but formalism is not suitable for the discovery of rules, and therefore the knowledge of technologist is required to determine the impact of process parameters on values that are functional properties of ADI. The characteristics of ALSV(FD) logic and XTT formalism, described in this article, cover the most important aspects of a broadly discussed, full evaluation of the applicability of these solutions in the construction of a system supporting the decisions of a technologist.
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