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The aim of this study was to evaluate the safety and anti-obesity effects of the Korean red ginseng extract in dogs. To this end, we fed healthy beagles a Korean red ginseng diet and/or snack for 8 weeks. The dogs were submitted to a thorough physical examination, complete blood count, serum biochemistry analysis, analysis of adipose tissue activity, and body fat-con- tent analysis by computed tomography (CT). At the end of the study period, the dogs that were fed the ginseng extract-diet/snack showed a significant decrease in body weight, body condition score and leptin levels relative to the baseline value. The CT findings revealed a decrease in body fat content in dogs fed the ginseng extract diet but not in those fed the ginseng-extract snack. The results of blood analysis did not show any meaningful changes in any of the dogs. All dogs tolerated the diet/snack well, and there were no adverse events. Our results suggest that the Korean red ginseng extract diet can potentially serve as an anti-obesity diet for reducing fat mass in dogs.
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