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Inclined jet air cooling can be effectively used for cooling of electronics or other such applications. The non-confined air jet is impinged and experimentally investigated on the hot target surface to be cooled, which is placed horizontally. Analysis and evaluations are made by introduction of a jet on the leading edge and investigated for downhill side cooling to identify cold spots. The jet Reynolds number in the range of 2000 ≤ Re ≤ 20000 is examined with a circular jet for inclination (Ɵ) of 15 < Ɵ < 75 degree. Also, the consequence of a jet to target distance (H) is explored in the range 0.5 ≤ H/D ≤ 6.8. For 45 degree jet impingement, the maximum Nusselt number is widely spread. Location of maximum Nusselt number is studied, which indicates cold spots identification. At a higher angle ratio, the angle is the dominating parameter compared to the Reynolds Number. Whereas at a lower angle ratio, the inclined jet with a higher Reynolds number is giving the cooling point away from leading edge. It is observed that for a particular angle of incident location of maximum Nusselt Number, measured from leading edge of target, is ahead than that of stagnation point in stated conditions.
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