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Natural gas is a mixture of 21 components and it is widely used in industries and homes. Knowledge of its thermodynamic properties is essential for designing appropriate processes and equipment. This paper presents simple but precise correlations of how to compute important thermodynamic properties of natural gas. As measuring natural gas composition is costly and may not be effective for real time process, the correlations are developed based on measurable real time properties. The real time properties are temperature, pressure and specific gravity of the natural gas. Calculations with these correlations are compared with measured values. The validations show that the average absolute percent deviation (AAPD) for compressibility factor calculations is 0.674%, for density is 2.55%, for Joule-Thomson coefficient is 4.16%. Furthermore, in this work, new correlations are presented for computing thermal properties of natural gas such as enthalpy, internal energy and entropy. Due to the lack of experimental data for these properties, the validation is done for pure methane. The validation shows that AAPD is 1.31%, 1.56% and 0.4% for enthalpy, internal energy and entropy respectively. The comparisons show that the correlations could predict natural gas properties with an error that is acceptable for most engineering applications.
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