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The investigations deal with mass transfer in simulated biomedical systems. The modification of classical diffusion chamber, sequential unit (SU) system, imitated different biomedical setups, boundary conditions. The experiments simulated: diffusion chamber (also with two barriers), transport through the membrane to the blood stream, transport from the stent eluting drug simultaneously to the vessel cells and to the blood stream. The concentrations of substances and the relative mass increases/decreases for SU systems indicate that the order of the curves follows the order of mass transfer resistances. The strong dependence of mass transfer rates versus type of diffusing substance was confirmed. The calculated drug fluxes, diffusion coefficients, permeation coefficients are convergent with literature. Permeation coefficients for complex sequential systems can be estimated as parallel connexion of constituent coefficients. Experiments approved functionality of the SU for investigations in a simulated biomedical system. Obtained data were used for numerical verification.
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