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Passive noise reduction means are commonly used to reduce noise in the industry but, unfortunately, their effectiveness is poor in the low frequency range. By applying active structural acoustic control to the enclosure walls significant improvement of the insulating properties in this frequency range can be achieved. In this paper a model of double panel structure with ASAC is presented. The structure consists of two aluminium plates separated by an air gap. Two inertial magnetoelectric actuators and two piezoceramic MFC sensors were used for controlling the structure. A multichannel FxLMS algorithm with virtual error microphone technique is used as a control algorithm. The signal of a virtual error microphone is extrapolated basing on signals from MFC sensors. Performance of this actively controlled structure for tonal signals at selected frequencies is presented in the article. During the study, a double panel structure was mounted on one wall of sound insulating enclosure located in an acoustic chamber. During the measurements local and global reduction of noise test signal was investigated.
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