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The irregularity profiles of steel samples after vapour blasting were measured. A correlation analysis of profile parameters was then carried out. As the result, the following parameters were selected: Pq, Pt, PDq, Pp/Pt and Pku. Surface profiles after vapour blasting were modeled. The modeled surfaces were correctly matched to measured surfaces in 78% of all analyzed cases. The vapour blasting experiment was then carried out using an orthogonal selective research plan. The distance between the nozzle and sample d and the pressure of feed system p were input parameters; selected surface texture coefficients were output parameters. As the result of the experiment, regression equations connecting vapour blasting process parameters p and d with selected profile parameters were obtained. Finally, 2D profiles of steel samples were forecasted for various values of vapour blasting parameters. Proper matching accuracy of modeled to measured profiles was assured in 75% of analyzed cases.
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