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The article outlines the history of Slavic etymological lexicography and presents a concise characterization of Slavic of etymological dictionaries. The first Slavic etymological dictionaries by Matzenauer, Miklosich, and the Russian dictionary by Gorjaewa were compiled in the late nineteenth century. However, a number of comparative dictionaries and dictionaries of word formation had been published even before those dictionaries. Although few dictionaries were published in the first half of the twentieth century, the second half of that century was a period of true prosperity of Slavic etymological lexicography. Most etymological dictionaries were published during that time, including a number of multi-volume dictionaries whose publication continues to the present day. More new dictionaries are being published or edited in this century. The paper presents scientific etymological dictionaries and historical and etymological dictionaries, as well as selected dictionaries addressed to non-specialist audience, including dictionaries of Pan-Slavic and Balto-Slavic lexicology and etymological dictionaries of individual Slavic languages (excluding the Polish dictionaries discussed in the previous volume of Rocznik Slawistyczny), which are either completed or in progress. The paper also addresses a novel issue in Slavic etymology, namely the publication of etymological dictionaries of some Slavic dialects. Moreover, the paper discusses specialized types of etymological dictionaries that contain information relevant to etymological studies, such as dictionaries of borrowings, proper names, and idioms.
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