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Centrifugal pumps are used for different applications that include pressure boosting, wastewater, water supply, heating and cooling distribution and other industrial processes. This paper presents theoretical and experimental investigations of mechanical vibrations of a centrifugal pump. The flow in this pump, which induces pressure pulsations and mechanical vibrations, have been monitored. Vibration measurements and data collection (overall vibrations levels and frequency spectrum) were extracted from the system. In addition, one of the methods used to study vibration amplitudes for this pump is forced response analysis. To study and analyze the pump system, the finite element analysis software (ANSYS) was applied. Depending on the analysis performed and investigations outcomes, the system natural frequency coincides with the vane-pass frequency (VPF) hazardously. To attenuate the system’s vibration, a vibration control element was used. The vibration levels were reduced by a factor of 2 for a tuned element as obtained from a forced harmonic response analysis of the pump system with absorber. It is shown that the inserted element allows the centrifugal pump to work in a safe operating range without any interference with its operation.
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