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In this work, actual operating data for Sabiya combined cycle power plant located in Kuwait were used to conduct the performance evaluation based on the energetic and exergetic analysis. The proposed system consist of an advanced gas turbine engines, with two triple pressure reheat heat recovery steam generator, and one steam turbine. Three types of primary movers were selected carefully, in order to cover different types, sizes and technologies. The movers are gas turbine engine frame 9FA, LM6000 and GT26. The proposed models have been developed using specialised software and validated with the manufacturer’s data featuring a high level of compatibility. The performance of a combined cycle power plant was investigated for different operating conditions. The result shows that the highest exergy destruction takes place in 9FA engine due to high irreversibility in combustion chamber because of low-pressure ratio, which causes low inlet temperature of compressed air to the combustion chamber. The 9FA engine also has the highest exergy loss due to high exhaust gases temperature, which is caused high useful work from a steam turbine. The GT26-reheat gas turbine engine constitute the best choose as primary mover due to low waste exergy, which is equal to 43.93% whereas 9FA and LM6000 equal to 47.27% and 45.17%, respectively. LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbine is considered the second best choice but the combined cycle power plant will consist of a large number of engines compared to other industrial gas turbine engine, and that may increase the number of auxiliary equipment, capital and maintenance cost.
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