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The policy of sustainable development seeks to improve energy efficiency of industrial equipment. Efforts to improve energy efficiency also apply to the paint shops, where the recovery of waste heat is sought. The main source of a large amount of low-temperature waste heat in the paint shop is the spray booth. The second place where a large amount of low temperature waste heat is released is the room where the compressed air is prepared. Low energy efficiency of air compressors requires a large electric power supply. As a result, the emitted large heat fluxes become waste energy of the technological process. Heat is equivalent to up to 93% of the electric power supplied in the air compression process. There are solutions for recovering heat from compressors coming from the oil cooling water, but then the waste heat from the cooling of the compressed air and from the electric motor is released into air in the room. A method for recovering low-temperature waste heat from the air preparation room by means of an air-source heat pump has been proposed. An energy balance of the air compression and dehumidification process for the paint shop was made. A Matlab’s built-in numerical model includes air compressor and dehumidifier, heat recovery and accumulation for the purposes of use in the spray booth. A simulation experiment was carried out on the effectiveness of heat recovery from the air preparation room. The use of combined energy management in paint shops was proposed.
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