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In ceramic forming techniques high particles packing can provide better properties of the final ceramic products. The high quality of the material coupled with the shape complexity of the ceramic product is still challenging. The aim of this work was the optimization and preparation of the ceramic samples based on two alumina powders of different particle size (AA05: 0.5 μm and TM-DAR: 0.15 μm). Firstly, ceramic suspensions of 50vol.% solid loading and the volumetric ratio of AA05 to TM-DAR 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, respectively have been prepared. The 2-carboxyethyl acrylate was applied as the new monomer limiting the negative effect of oxygen inhibition. Additionally, the cold isostatic pressing (CIP) was used in order to increase relative density of green bodies. The results of presented research have shown that samples with the ratio of AA05 to TM-DAR 2:1 were characterized by the highest green density (62%). Moreover, CIP process proved to be effective and increased the density of green bodies from 62% to 67%. The pore size distribution of the green bodies has been measured. Samples were sintered at different conditions (1400°C, 1450°C and 1500°C for 1h and 1300°C, 1400°C, 1450°C and 1500°C for 5h).
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