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This study attempted to manufacture an Y2O3 ceramic coating layer on a ceramic (AlN) substrate using aerosol deposition (AD) and investigated its macroscopic properties. Pure Y2O3 powder with a polygonal shape and average size of 5.0 μm was used as initial feedstock. Using aerosol deposition with suitable process conditions, an Y2O3 coating layer was successfully fabricated on aluminum nitride (AIN). The thickness of the manufactured coating layer was approximately 10 mm. The coating layer consisted of Y2O3 phase identical to that in the initial powder, and no additional oxides were identified. In regard to the roughness of the Y2O3 coating layer, the average roughness (Ra) measured 1.32 μm, indicating that the surface roughness was relatively even compared to the initial powder size (5 μm). Mechanical properties of the Y2O3 coating layer were measured using nano indentation equipment, and the indentation modulus of the Y2O3 coating layer fabricated by aerosol deposition measured 136.5 GPa. The interface of the coating layer was observed using TEM, and the deposition mechanism of the Y2O3 coating layer manufactured by aerosol deposition was also discussed.
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