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The determination of the form of a probability density function (PDF3) of diameters for nodular particles by using a probability density function (PDF2), which form is empirically estimated from cross-sections of these nodules in a metallographic specimen, can be regarded as a special case of Wicksell's corpuscle problem (WCP). The estimation of the PDF3 for the nodular particles provides information about the kinetics of these particles nucleation, and so about the kinetics of their growth. This information is essential for building more accurate mathematical models of the alloy crystallization. In the paper there are presented two derivations of the methods used for the estimation of the PDF3 form. The first method bases on diameters received from a planar cross-section. The second one uses also data from the planar cross-section but not the diameters only chords. Both methods provide practical rules for the analysis of the empirical diameters’ and chord’s size distribution and allow to estimate the mean value of the external surface area of the particles.
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