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The article presents an ecological characterization of thrips caught in Moericke traps in the Botanical Garden in Lublin. The objective of the research was to study the species composition and abundance of thrips in a man-made environment, where alongside native plants there are also trees and bushes brought in from other parts of the world. A total of 396 adult Thysanoptera individuals belonging to 39 species were caught. This is 17.2% of the thrip fauna in Poland. Among the individuals collected there were 10 dendrophilous species and 3 mycophagous species associated with tree bark and living in rotting wood. This is 25% of the Thysanoptera occurring in Poland with these food preferences. The trap method chosen is effective at catching thrips appearing in the spring and early summer, i.e. Taeniothrips inconsequens, Thrips minutissimus, Oxythrips ajugae and O. bicolor, as well as deeply hidden species that are difficult to capture using other methods. Using the Moericke trap method we collected four species rarely recorded in Poland.
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