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The main aim of the study was to determine the goodness of fit between the relaxation function described with a rheological model and the real (experimental) relaxation curves obtained for digital materials fabricated with a Connex 350 printer using the PolyJet additive manufacturing technology. The study involved estimating the uncertainty of approximation of the parameters of the theoretical relaxation curve. The knowledge of digital materials is not yet sufficient; their properties are not so well-known as those of metallic alloys or plastics used as structural materials. Intensive research is thus required to find out more about their behavior in various conditions. From the calculation results, i.e. the uncertainty of approximation of the relaxation function parameters, it is evident that the experimental curves coincide with the curves obtained by means of the solid model when the approximation uncertainty is taken into account. This suggests that the assumed solid model is well-suited to describe a real material.
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