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Experimental research has been carried out in a supercritical circulating fluidized bed combustor in order to indicate the effect of the bed particle size on bed-to-wall heat transfer coefficient. The bed inventory used were 0.219, 0.246 and 0.411 mm Sauter mean particles diameter. The operating parameters of a circulating fluidized bed combustor covered a range from 3.13 to 5.11 m/s for superficial gas velocity, 23.7 to 26.2 kg/(m2s) for the circulation rate of solids, 0.33 for the secondary air fraction and 7500 to 8440 Pa pressure drop. Furthermore, the bed temperature, suspension density and the main parameters of cluster renewal approach were treated as experimental variables along the furnace height. The cluster renewal approach was used in order to predict the bed-to-wall heat transfer coefficient. A simple semi-empirical method was proposed to estimate the overall heat transfer coefficient inside the furnace as a function of particle size and suspension density. The computationally obtained results were compared with the experimental data of this work.
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