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Faithfull detection of non-utilized spectrum hole in available channel is a crucial issue for cognitive radio network. Choosing the best available channel for a secondary user transmission includes settling on decision of accessible choices of free frequency spectrum based on multiple objectives. Thus channel judgment can be demonstrated as several objective decision making (MODM) problem. An ultimate goal of this exploration is to define and execute a technique for multiple objective optimizations of multiple alternative of channel decision in Adhoc cognitive radio network. After a coarse review of an articles related to the multiple objective decision making within a process of channel selection, Multiple Objective Optimization on the basis of the Ratio Analysis (MOORA) technique is taken into consideration. Some important objectives values of non-utilized spectrum collected by a fusion center are proposed as objectives for consideration in the decision of alternatives. MOORA method are applied to a matrix of replies of each channel alternatives to channel objectives which results in set ratios. Among the set of obtained dimensionless ratios, all the channel alternatives are ranked in descending order. In MOORA, channel choices with moderate objectives can top in ranking order, which is hardly conceivable with linearly weighted objectives of the different channel by using different decision making technique.
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