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On the basis of mathematical modeling of fluid flow in vortex devices verification of use of detached-eddy simulation method in the swirling flows in vortex chamber superchargers is made. Research of a flow with use of different turbulence models was made for vortex chamber supercharger in two working points of the characteristic: with the open exit channel and closed. Verification has been spent on integrated parameters, and also on kinematic, by comparison of static pressure value of on the top end cover of the device. It is received that the hybrid turbulence model DES does not allow, as well as model SST precisely to predict value of vacuum on an axis of the vortex chamber. The error makes an order of 20 %. However, DES predicts almost correct, on 20 % big, than model SST, values of vacuum on an axis in a throat axial diffuser on an input in the vortex chamber. Besides, by means of DES it is possible to describe more adequately unsteady structures near to an axis of the vortex chamber, and also vortex core precession that does not allow to make SST turbulence model. By optimization of vortex devices, and vortex chamber superchargers in particular, simulation time essentially is better to use SST turbulence model with rotation-curvature correction.
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