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Examination of “Pre-competition” anxiety levels, of mid-distance runners: A quantitative approach

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Polish Psychological Bulletin




No 3


Wydział PAN

Nauki Humanistyczne i Społeczne


Committee for Psychological Science PAS


2015[2015.01.01 AD - 2015.12.31 AD]


DOI: 10.1515/ppb-2015-0056 ; ISSN 0079-2993


Polish Psychological Bulletin; 2015; No 3


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O czasopiśmie

Polish Psychological Bulletin (founded in 1970) is an official journal of Polish Academy of Sciences, Committee for Psychological Science.The journal publish a variety of papers, including empirical reports of experiments, surveys and field studies, theoretical articles, controversies and analytic papers on important psychological topics. Relevance for an international readership is our prominent goal, Polish Psychological Bulletin does not publish clinical case studies, or technical articles. Submissions from all domains of psychology are encouraged, especially those that address new developments and pursue innovative approaches.

Periodically, the journal will announce a call for papers for special issues. The journal will also entertain unsolicited proposals for special issues that fit the stated scope of the Polish Psychiological Bulletin (please contact the journal’s Editor-in-Chief with a detailed description of your proposal).

All published research articles in this journal have undergone rigorous review, based on initial editor screening and anonymous evaluation of content and merit by independent expert reviewers.

For information on specific requirements, please see the Author Guidelines.

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