Evaluation of the Cause and Consequences of Defects in Cast Metal-Ceramic Composite Foams

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Archives of Foundry Engineering




vo. 21


No 1


Popielarski, P. : Institute of Materials Technology, Poznan University of Technology Piotrowo 3, 61-138 Poznań, Poland ; Sika, R. : Institute of Materials Technology, Poznan University of Technology Piotrowo 3, 61-138 Poznań, Poland ; Czarnecka-Komorowska, D. : Institute of Materials Technology, Poznan University of Technology Piotrowo 3, 61-138 Poznań, Poland ; Szymański, P. : Institute of Materials Technology, Poznan University of Technology Piotrowo 3, 61-138 Poznań, Poland ; Rogalewicz, M. : Institute of Materials Technology, Poznan University of Technology Piotrowo 3, 61-138 Poznań, Poland ; Gawdzińska, K. : Faculty of Marine Engineering, Maritime University of Szczecin, Willowa 2-4, 71-650 Szczecin, Poland



Foams ; Composites ; Casting ; Defects ; Failure mode and effects analysis

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Nauki Techniczne




The Katowice Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences


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DOI: 10.24425/afe.2021.136082