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Impact of climate change on productivity of ecosystems of the Polissya zone of the Ukraine

Tytuł czasopisma

Studia Quaternaria




vol. 38


No 2


Kyriienko, Svitlana : T.H. Shevchenko National University “Chernihiv Colehium” Hetman Polubotok Str. 53, 14013 Chernihiv, Ukraine ; Sliuta, Alina Mykolaivna : T.H. Shevchenko National University “Chernihiv Colehium” Hetman Polubotok Str. 53, 14013 Chernihiv, Ukraine


Słowa kluczowe

climate change ; productivity of ecosystems ; Polissya

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Committee for Quaternary Research PAS ; Institute of Geological Sciences PAS


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DOI: 10.24425/sq.2021.136824 ; ISSN 1641-5558